Where Should I Put My First Tattoo?

Generally speaking, you can put your tattoo anywhere on your skin. However, based on our years of experience, there are some parts of skin that if you put a tattoo on that skin, then you will need meticulous care and maintenance on that tattoo compared to the tattoo on the other part of your skin. And about tattoo care and maintenance we have already prepare the article that can can help you, cou can access it here.

So first of all, we know that not all of our skin on our body has the same characteristics. For example, skin on our back hand and fingers tends to be more stretchy than the other part of skin. Consequently, the tattoo on this area will tend to be blurry. Even with our most advanced tattoo equipments, and talented artists, we can only reduce the effect, but, naturally if you have a tattoo on stretchy skin it will be still more blurry than the tattoo on the other part of our skin. For a woman who planning to have a baby, we advise you to reconsider about taking tattoo on abdomen, because this area will stretch as your stomach getting bigger and deflate after labor, this will make the tattoo warped and blurry.

Secondly, we know that there are some body skins that have high risk to be exposed by sunlight (i.e. outer arm, back of your hand and foot), receive intensive friction (i.e. ankle, foot palm, groin), exposed to water contact (i.e. hand and foot palm). Placing your tattoo on this particular area will reduce your tattoo longevity, thus require more touch up on the future. Moreover, if you have color tattoo, and you put it on the skin that frequently exposed to the sunlight, then naturally, this tattoo will become blurry faster than black and grey tattoo, due to the fact that UV light will break the ink easily, and color ink has small density compared to black ink. 

So for those who want to do their first tattoo, we have summarized some ideal locations for you under the slide bellow.

We have summarized some of the skin areas that will be good idea to get tattoo at for those who want the best experience getting the first tattoo
Outer Collarbone
This area tends "to be least exposed to the sun" since it's easily covered up by shirts and scarves. It's also an area where skin is least likely to stretch as you get older, which is another factor that can affect how a tattoo holds up over time.
Inner Arm
If you're always out in the sun, you may want to avoid getting a tattoo on your outer arm, and instead choose a more protected spot. Your inner forearm is practically immune when it comes to sun exposure.
Again, thanks to the fact it's often covered up by clothing, the back tends to be a prime spot for long-lasting tattoos. This area isn't typically exposed to UV rays on a regular basis.
Upper Thighs
the upper thighs tend to be protected from the sun, so if you want ink that'll stand the test of the time, this may be your best bet. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to hide your tats under clothes all the time, or worry 24/7 about how they might look in twenty years. All you have to do, when you do decide to show them off, is apply a liberal amount of sunscreen to keep your skin safe — and you'll be good to go.
A tattoo right below your hairline on your neck will stay looking newer longer as it doesn't have a lot of sun exposure. And this is especially true if you have longer hair that you tend to wear down, as that'll help protect it even more.
Upper Ribcage
A tattoo on your ribs that doesn't extend too far out towards your abdomen is a good location, since it's often covered up with clothing, and thus protected from the sun. But even more important, if you get pregnant, this is one spot on the abdomen that isn't as likely to stretch.
Shoulders and Calves
Since the skin on the shoulders and calves isn't as affected by aging, tattoos in these areas tend to stay put, Palomino says. This is compared to areas that tend to see a lot of change over the course of your life, like your abdomen. While your stomach may stretch during pregnancy, for example, your calves and shoulders often won't.

And here are some skin areas that will require more touch up in the future in order to preserve your tattoo quality:
1. Abdomen
2. Crease line
3. Fingers and Hands
4. Feet
5. Inner Ear
6. Armpits
7. Waist
8. Any skin areas that receive intensive friction frequently.

While you can obviously get a tattoo anywhere that you want — and touchup any ink that starts to fade — it’s still a good idea to consider location if you want your tattoo to look good forever. That’s all about article today, if you have any comments and personal experience regarding tattoo quality related to skin position, feel free to share it on the comment box bellow.

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