Indonesia is rich of culture and tradition, there are approximately 1340 tribes spread across Indonesia archipelago, with each have their own unique traditional culture and Identity. And we’re very welcoming if there’s any foreigner getting interested and want to study more about one of our culture.

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Barong is one of Indonesian’s cultural art and recognized very well internationally. Barong made from local wood and worn by dancers for a traditional performance, that tells us the balance of good and evil. Barong is known as the good guy, in opposition to the evil spirit Rangda, depicted as witch with fangs and a long tongue.

Barong is brought to life by two dancers encased in an ornately decorated harness. From the figure’s mask hangs a beard of human hair decorated with frangipani flowers, in which the magic power of Barong is thought to reside.

Knock-off masks, and sometimes painting of it, sold as souvenirs can be placed at home to bring safety, health and good fortune. Nowadays, many foreigners want the picture of Barong on their skin instead. Never thought of me that Barong picture would look really cool on skin, it always amazed me every time.

Also it’s really heartwarming for me to see that foreigner can appreciate and notice one of our cultural arts. Whether it’s a tattoo, painting or knock off masks, we hope Barong arts that you get can bring you good fortune and health.

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