I think it’s not sinful to put small amount of color on black and grey tattoo. Because, hey, just look at the results, making it look fresh. This amazing tattoo was made by our young and skillful artist Tahoo.

Best tattoo studio in Bali

The challenge of this tattoo is in the details, although it looks simple, this tattoo can be demanding. The feather and eye section requires some meticulous works, to make it more vivid. Fortunately, Tahoo really did excellent job here. The shading and grazing line on the feather drawing made the picture so real. With that level of detail we don’t need to be afraid about the eye drawing, I can really feel the girl is watching me.

Well, I like how our client want to highlight that red face mask. Now, I don’t know what the red mask paint means, and I don’t want to discuss only one part of the picture, but the whole picture in general. The way I see it, this picture depicts identity, and how heritage and culture contribute in forming our identity, and we should embrace it happily. And rather than comparing with each other, we should live together, and collaborate to create better future.

Tell us what you think about the pictures and what your impression about it on the comments bellow.  Hope you have a nice day.

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