Time and Legacy

When we saw the empty column in our website, we thought that: Why don’t we just fill it with something? Then we decided to fill the column with the story and impression of every tattoo that we’ve ever made. So, relax there will be this kind of post every week. Stay tuned.

So yesterday, one of our artist Bantoer made this amazing statue and clock tattoo. The highlight is on the statue drawing, Bantoer really nailed it when he drew the statue’s hair, made it exactly looks like “Roman Statue Hairstyle”. The combination of lining and shading on the statue’s face make it really looks like a proper Roman Empire Statue. 

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It’s really rare for me to see Roman tattoo that’s not about war. This tattoo reminded us that the Roman Empire got famous not just because of their Military might, but also because their legacy to this world such as arts like sculptures, architectures, romantic poets and story, scientific findings, etc.

The statue and clock tattoo also made me think that how human desperately want to make something or someone to be remembered whole time and don’t vanished by time. In my point of view, sometimes it’s not about fame that made mankind do this, but sometimes as a legacy for the future: as a lesson to not repeat the same mistakes and inspire the mankind to build better tomorrow.

Mankind are limited by time, we need to pass the torch and entrust everything to the next generation, and we can do this by leaving valuable legacies for our children’s children. So, what is our legacies that can we make today for better tomorrow? Tell us what you think on the comments bellow, and tell us also what you think about the tattoo. Hope you have a nice day.

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