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Frequent Answer and Question

The pricing of the tattoo is based on the size, we do not charge per hourly. So, if you planning to have some tattoo and want to book via Facebook or Email, we kindly suggest that you attach some pictures of the design with some description about where do you want to put it, and how big do you want it, later on we will reply about the pricing details to you. You can also do some design consultation in our studio, and sometimes it’s free of charge.

Absolutely not, our concern is not only in quality, but the safety and the health of our customers. Here, we have sterilization equipment equivalent to hospital’s sterilization equipment, and we also use new needle for every customer as you will see when we open it in front of you. Each needle is wrapped separately with plastic and vacuum inside, so there is no risk of contamination. We make sure there is no risk of dangerous infections here.

Usually cheap studio comes with cheap quality tattoo, like blurry tattoo, “strange looking” dragon tattoo, half finished tattoo, wrongly spelt tattoo, and sometimes much disturbing like distorted face tattoo. Or in the different case like your ex- name is still attached on your skin, ughhh.

Well, here at Ibud Tattoo studio, we’re happy to get rid all of those problem. Our artists are highly capable to do some cover-up for old tattoo, and of course we can also do some touch-up to a very old tattoo, making it alive again! Come in and visit us, we’ll be happy to do anything we can to help.

Yes of course we can, this is really simple, you can send us Email and Facebook message with some attachment of your design pictures and some description about the size of tattoo and where you want to put it.

Well, if you’re kind of spontaneous person, you can jump right in our studio, there you can browse some albums and digital galleries, or you can use our computer to browse some design pictures. Mix a picture with another picture to create new design.

Later on, our highly experienced artists will transform the picture design that you like into picture that you will love on your skin. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Well the honest answer is yes. But hey, hundreds of people have tattoo and they all survive. However, if you planning to have a big tattoo, we suggest that you have some meal before the tattoo process so you will have enough stamina.

Don’t worry though, if you feel have to take break, feel free to do it. You can also enjoy some beers with our staff while taking a break, we do believe in motto “Liquor is man best friend in pain”. Almost forgot, listening to music via headset and/or drinking beer during the tattoo process is also helpful to endure the pain, and it is absolutely permitted.

If you have some trust issues with the local public transports, or for whatever reason you’re stuck in the middle of city and your GPS is not working well, then finding some locals that can’t tell the direction to our studio clearly. Don’t worry about it, just dial our phone number and tell us where you are, our staff will pick you up with bike. To drunk to go home? Don’t worry, our staff can also transport you back to your hotel.