Where Should I Put My First Tattoo

Where Should I Put My First Tattoo? Generally speaking, you can put your tattoo anywhere on your skin. However, based on our years of experience, there are some parts of skin that if you put a tattoo on that skin, then you will need meticulous care and maintenance on that tattoo compared to the tattoo […]


Barong Indonesia is rich of culture and tradition, there are approximately 1340 tribes spread across Indonesia archipelago, with each have their own unique traditional culture and Identity. And we’re very welcoming if there’s any foreigner getting interested and want to study more about one of our culture. Barong is one of Indonesian’s cultural art and […]


TIPS ON TATTOO CARE WHAT TO DO? A person can take good care of their tattoo by: 1. Always using fragrance-free, hypoallergenic soap and moisturizer when caring for a tattoo, as harsh chemicals and fragrances can irritate and even damage freshly tattooed skin. 2. Using a moisturizer that allows the skin to breathe, as clogged […]

Time and Legacy

Time and Legacy When we saw the empty column in our website, we thought that: Why don’t we just fill it with something? Then we decided to fill the column with the story and impression of every tattoo that we’ve ever made. So, relax there will be this kind of post every week. Stay tuned. […]


Identity I think it’s not sinful to put small amount of color on black and grey tattoo. Because, hey, just look at the results, making it look fresh. This amazing tattoo was made by our young and skillful artist Tahoo. The challenge of this tattoo is in the details, although it looks simple, this tattoo can be […]